Grand Basel

Exceptional automobiles

Grand Basel is a new global automobile show that focuses on collectors' pieces from the past and present as well as on new cars of exceptional value and impeccable quality. It is the world's first and only show to present the automobile in contexts of art, design, architecture and lifestyle. Grand Basel talks to an international audience of connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts, celebrating excellence in motion.

Unrivalled presentation

Grand Basel’s show style is a bold deviation from the often-nostalgic ambience of established car events. It has a striking, contemporary and homogenous design that allows exhibits to be presented and admired in a surrounding reminiscent of modern museums. The show structure means that exceptional automobiles are shown in ‘frames’, honouring these cars as the masterpieces they are.

Careful selection

Established car events typically have few barriers to entry for exhibits – but Grand Basel is different. The exhibits are selected, and a determination is made based on characteristics such as design, provenance, cultural value and historical significance. Furthermore, key elements of the show are curated by leading experts from beyond the automotive world.