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The cars at Grand Basel are curated by leading authorities; not just experts on automotive, but on art, culture, architecture and design. This completely independent advisory board ensures Grand Basel’s peerless content. Each potential exhibit is considered by the board on its merits as an outstanding automotive masterpiece that has, in one way or another, made a significant contribution to the development of cars.

Executive members

The executive members of the Grand Basel advisory board comprise: Swiss artist, Ms. Sylvie Fleury; renowned creative entrepreneur and founder of Garage Italia, Mr. Lapo Elkann; and the founder of the Goodbrands Institute for Automotive Culture, Prof. Paolo Tumminelli.

Honorary members

Supporting the executive, are the honorary members of the advisory board: cultural commentator and author Mr. Stephen Bayley; design theoretician Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff; and world-renowned "car designer of the century" Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Paolo Tumminelli

The founding chairman of the advisory board, Prof. Tumminelli is a professor at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, a frequent commentator on automobile design, and a firm believer in the value of the automobile as a cultural asset.

Sylvie Fleury

Artist Sylvie Fleury explores in her work consumer culture and its relation towards gender and politics. American cars are part of her expertise and often an important topic in her video works and installations. Fleury is also the founder and president of the American car club “She Devils on Wheels.”

Lapo Elkann

A successful entrepreneur, Mr. Elkann founded a lifestyle brand Italia Independent, communications agency Independent Ideas and Garage Italia in Milan, a melting pot of Italian style, design, culture and cuisine.

​Paolo Tumminelli

“I want art lovers to become car lovers”

​Sylvie Fleury

“I only dream in cars”

Lapo Elkann

“Motion is my source of inspiration”