The ultimate collector cars event

Celebrating Luxury in motion

An exclusive event for automotive masterpieces in the high-end sector – from the past and the present, curated by leading experts in the field.


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Grand Basel

Home of mobile passion

Grand Basel is an innovative forum for connoisseurs who relish their passion for supreme craftsmanship, exquisite quality and ultimate perfection.

An exclusive platform for the ultimate masterpieces in automotive design, both historical and contemporary, and a venue for a discerning community.

Curated by renowned experts who ensure a top-of-the-range selection. A unique place to enjoy and reflect upon old and new, national and international automotive mobility in the context of arts and culture. On par with the world’s most celebrated works of art.



Automotive culture

Grand Basel is the sole forum for automotive culture with a global presence. We plan to host annual events in Europe, North America and Asia.

Grand Basel will benefit from MCH Group’s inimitable experience in the ultra-luxury segment, as well as from its extensive network of collectors and investors. Baselworld and Art Basel are the world’s leading shows for luxury watches and jewellery, as well as fine art.



Our Mission

Celebrating Luxury

An appreciation of supreme craftsmanship coupled with a passion for perfection, creativity and technology have shaped a culture of excellence shared by individuals around the globe. It manifests itself in fine arts and decorative art and design, in haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie.

And all around the world, one name embodies the pinnacle of quality: Basel. The leading international shows for watches, jewellery and art – Baselworld and Art Basel in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong – are hosted by the MCH Group.

If we look at the trends in luxury markets and the preferences of ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs, with a net worth of at least 30 million dollars), we can see that classic cars are at the forefront of these developments with a growth rate of 457% over the past ten years (Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, Q4/2016). Luxury goods such as watches, art or jewellery saw growth of 66% to 147% within the same period.


Exclusivity is a must

Privacy is an exclusive luxury

The exhibition concept is clearly rooted in the expertise of Art Basel, featuring a pre-show, exclusive VIP days and public days. Each and every exhibit will be selected by an advisory board.

There will be strict limits on both the number of exhibits on display and the exhibition space itself, as well as access on VIP and public days.

Grand Basel is a showcase for retail, a dynamic driving show of masterpieces, an auction platform, a competition, and a venue for conferences and discourse.

It includes live-event formats for sponsors and partners as well as interested high-end third parties. Grand Basel stands for values: openness and exclusivity, tradition and digitalisation, history and novelty. It presents an innovative format of unparalleled automotive culture.




Community Spirit

Join an international community of connoisseurs in celebrating the car as a cultural asset, and always stay up to date on the innovative new forum for classic cars.

To contact us by phone, please use +41 79 932 24 16.





Press Contacts

Lana Nyfeler
Global Head of Communications

Press Releases

Grand Basel

Press Release

Basel, 31 August 2017

MCH Group launches Grand Basel as first global salon for the world’s most important automobiles.
Grand Basel

Press Release

Basel, 31 August 2017

Grand Basel: Design icons and visions of the automotive future convey a unique exhibition concept.

Press Pictures

Photo credits: Grand Basel / diephotodesigner.com
Automobile avant-garde from the past, present and future, representing the exhibition concept of Grand Basel. In front: Rem D. Koolhaas for United Nude - Lo Res Car (2017): The polygonal design of a Lamborghini Countach abstracted to the minimal wedge shape. Back: Avions Voisin, C25 Aérodyne (1935) - an icon of automotive technology and urbanity and the favorite brand of the Swiss architect LeCorbusier.
Grand Basel: Andrea Zagato announced a tribute to the legendary brand IsoRivolta: The Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo concept.
Grand Basel Avant Première (from left to right): Stephan Peyer (Chief Development Officer, MCH Group), René Kamm (CEO, MCH Group), Rem D. Koolhaas, Andrea Zagato, Mark Backé (Managing Director Grand Basel), Giorgetto Giugiaro, Paolo Tumminelli.
Grand Basel: Giorgetto Giugiaro, „Car Designer of the Century" shows the Bertone Corvair Testudo, which he designed at the age of 24 years.
Designer Rem D. Koolhaas showed a new Lo Res car for his fashion brand, United Nude, for which he abstracted the polygonal design of a Lamborghini Countach into the most minimalist wedge shape. This masterpiece was also displayed for the first time at the avant première of Grand Basel.
Grand Basel Avant Première: René Rey, Fondation Hervé, presenting his Avions Voisin C25 Aérodyne (1935) - the favorite brand of Swiss Architect LeCorbusier. In the background: the "Plan Voisin" - a radical new vision of a automobile-friendly Paris, created by LeCorbusier.
Grand Basel Avant Première: Giorgetto Giugiaro, Car Designer of the Century, and Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli in Front of Guigiaro’s early masterpiece, the Bertone Corvair Testudo from 1962.
From left: René Kamm, CEO MCH Group, Paolo Tumminelli, Chairman of the Grand Basel Advisory Board and Mark Backé, Managing Director of Grand Basel.
Paolo Tumminelli and Andrea Zagato unveil the Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo Concept - but only a little: the car will be presented in full splendor in October and will be available for the first time in the Sony Playstation video game series, Gran Turismo Sport. However, Andrea Zagato dreams of presenting a real-life edition as a highlight of Grand Basel 2018.
A grand moment at the Grand Basel Avant Première: With a push of a button by René Kamm, Paolo Tumminelli and Mark Backé, the exhibition design and four programmatic automobiles are unveiled.